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MENASERVE is committed to respecting your

privacy and ensuring the personal information you

have entrusted to us is processed in accordance

with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy

& Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

These laws were updated in May 2018 (GDPR) to

strengthen your rights and give you control over

the personal information that organisations hold

about you.


MENASERVE will only keep your personal 

information for as you long as you are regularly

in contact with us, unless there is a legal reason

to keep it such as book-keeping.

We do not share any information about you outside

our company without your specific consent.


You have the right to request in writing and securely

obtain copies of the personal information MENASERVE

holds about you, to correct or update your

personal information, or request to be forgotten.


MENASERVE will review this privacy notice

regularly and may update it at any time for

example, in the event of changes in law or how we

operate. Please do check our website from time to

time. If there are any significant changes in the way

we process your personal information, we will

provide a prominent notice on our website or send

you a notification.