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Mr Strahle first moved to Tunisia from his home country Sweden as a student in 1992. After studying Arabic and French for several years and trying out working in an import/export company, he decided to open his own business offering consulting services to international importers/exporters. This gave him experience working with local Tunisian manufacturers ensuring timely delivery of quality products. It also allowed him to work closely with European and American companies buying Tunisian products, helping them navigate through potential legal and cultural pitfalls.

2003-2009 he was based western Algeria where he ran a intermediating service company. While the main focus serving companies interested in investing in the the large Algerian market, he also continued to serve clients importing from Tunisia.

2009, Mr Strahle moved back to Sweden to study International Key Account Management from which he graduated November 2010.

February 2011 he opened up MENASERVE in Sweden, focusing on consulting and serving International investors and trade companies interested in the Middle East and North Africa. Together with his wife he intends to promote the MENA area, hold seminars and take short term contracts.

MENASERVE Core competencies:

  •     CULTURE: Good understanding and experience of the local culture.
  •     LANGUAGE: Fluency in English, Arabic and Swedish, basic skills in French. Experienced translator.
  •     MANAGEMENT: Gifts and experience in administration, management and people care.
  •     SMALL: Small, personal and flexible family company
  •     FLEXIBLE: Enjoy challenges, usually able to act fast and be flexible

MENASERVE Core values:

  •     Morality: We have deep moral convictions, and will therefore not lie to, steal from or cheat our clients. Our clients can trust us.
  •     Honesty: We will only commit to projects that we are able to accomplish professionally
  •     Diligence: We serve our clients whole-heartedly
  •     Flexibility: We will be ready to go out of our comfort zone to help our client’s needs, including foreign based deployments.

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